Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an auction property bidding agent?

A. We represent the buyer in the purchase process of a property transaction either prior to auction, during an auction (bidding on your behalf) or post auction. Unlike traditional real estate agents who represent the seller, we exclusively represent you the ”buyer” only.

Q. Do we have credentials to represent you?
A. Managing Director John Gibson has 25 years real estate experience and has been a fully licensed real estate agent for over 20 years. John has personally attended and been actively involved in hundreds of property auctions within this time period. All pro auction representatives are qualified, experienced, and have the right skill set to achieve the best outcome for you at auction.

Q. What type of properties do we bid on?

A. We represent buyers in all property categories being residential, commercial, industrial and rural.

Q. How important is a bidding strategy?

A. As experienced agents, we can call on our experience to gauge prior bidding commencement how many potential registered bidders you maybe up against. Telling factors are often shown through the body language demonstrated by selling agents and by potential registered bidders. For example a confident agent with many registered bidders will often sit back and let things play out, whereas an agent with a low numbers of bidders will endeavour to get his registered parties ready to bid early on in the peace. This is often called “working the floor” and is normally demonstrated prior to the auctioneer delivering his pre amble. In addition to this a lot can be said about what the selling agent communicates just prior to the auction commencing or in the auctions early stages. This is where pro auction bidders can really work to your advantage to secure your chosen property. We will decide our auction strategy based on how we interpret the situation just prior to auction commencement. Experience does make all the difference.

Q. What are the important things to check list prior to Auction?

A. Are you sure what the true worth of the property is? At Pro Auction Bidding we can inspect the property prior to auction and carry out a “no bias” market appraisal on your behalf. We then forward you a comprehensive report (prior to auction) which includes comparable sales within that location and an accurate sales price estimate.
We strongly advise that you engage a solicitor or conveyancer to view the contract prior to auction. Important things to check are the settlement term, special conditions and property title.
If Pro Auction Bidding is representing you on auction day, it would be advisable for your solicitor to have an agreed deposit amount confirmed with the seller prior to auction.
We recommend that you take further precautions (subject to type of property) prior to auction by getting a building and pest inspection.
It is advisable to have your finance approved prior to auction commencement. All property purchasers in NSW are subject stamp duty.